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RE: [higgins-dev] SAML 2.0 support + additional questions on higgins

Hi Lalit - you might want to check out the following link on Higgins wiki that outlines a SAML IdP that might meet your requirements:



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Subject: [higgins-dev] SAML 2.0 support + additional questions on higgins

Hello All,

I am looking for a framework for creating an SSO solution.
I found higgins very interesting.I am completely unware as to what all if offers and how.

I have following requirements .Can anyone please let me know if higgins suits the bill.

1) SAML 2.0 support ( please let me know what is available)
2)  SP-Initiated SSO
3) Access check mechanism at SP, so that automatic redirect to Idp takes place
    when the the user is not logged in .This redirect will inculde SAMLRequest (autthentication)
4) retriveing logged in attributes from LDAp/Database upon successful authentication and passing it to ACS in assertion.
5) Access Control is required at the application i.e. protected application.
6) Provision for CD SSO
7) Provision for extending higgins for various protocols like WAP,IVR ..etc

8) Provision of adding wrappers on top to Higgins existing SAML 2 endpoints.if the need arises.

ALL experts , any help  is greatly appreciated.

many thanks in advance

Best Regards,