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[higgins-dev] Re: idas api dependency


At one point, there was a way to get the list of what was needed, but then we (temporarily) moved to a model where we placed all redistributable, non-Higgins jars into a dependencies.redistributable project.  Now there's no good way of knowing which of those jars are needed for any project.

We plan to break those up into separate project and then it will be obvious by looking it a project's META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file.  But for now (as far as I know) you can't know exactly which jars are needed.  

If anyone knows of a way, please reply.


>>> Prakash C Mallick <prakash.mallick@xxxxxxxxxx> 05/15/08 6:05 AM >>>

Hi Jim,

I could successfully build all the compoenents needed to deploy idas api, but still not sure which jar file i need ship with my product from redistributable component. is there any way i can find the exact jar i need for my idas api deployment ?

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