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[higgins-dev] Deploying STS....

Hello all, I need some help here... trying to follow the deployment instructions per:
I'm wondering if you have any more detailed instructions or is there a community of users that I can tap into? I have everything installed, but am not getting the proper results. Basically, I am not getting the war deployed and the STS up and running.

I'm facing some simple problems:
In step 3, I run the instruction per Import some required entries from org.ldif file (C:\Program Files\OpenLDAP\ldapadd -x -D "cn=root" -w higgins -a -f org.ldif), and I get one line of output:
> adding new entry "dc=org"
It doesn't appear that the rest of the tree gets created in the ldap server. The command prompt then just hangs in place.

In step 5, I place the .war file and then start the tomcat server (startup.bat). A window pops up and then disappears. I'm guessing that it exits with some sort of failure, but does not give me the opportunity to debug it.

Don't mean to bug you. I plan to try some other debugging. But I was just wondering if there are some additional instructions or successful users I could leverage. Thanks in advance.

Todd Singleton
Software Engineer, Tivoli, IBM
Fremont, CA
email: toddsing@xxxxxxxxxx