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RE: [higgins-dev] Agenda for Higgins developers call on Thursday January 17

I wrote this last Thursday:
> - BTW, there's a new book on CardSpace out. Written by MSFT folks. Pretty
> much a CardSpace sales tool. No mention of Higgins: Understanding Windows
> CardSpace: An Introduction to the Concepts and Challenges of Digital
> Identities, By Vittorio Bertocci, Garrett Serack, Caleb Baker, Copyright
> 2008, Addison Wesley

Err, okay, that came off a bit negative. This is the first really good book
about CardSpace. Kudos to Caleb and Vittorio. I've recommended the book to
lots of folks. I've said to my colleagues that this book will help educate
the market, and build the adoption for all kinds of what I'll call "ISIP"
interoperable offerings. It is a CardSpace evangelism/selling tool. Nothing
wrong with that. It will also help Higgins just as several folks have
pointed out to me that Higgins has helped CardSpace. And to be fair, the
book does have a brief mention of both OSIS (a WG of Identity Commmons) and
Novell Bandit's [Higgins-based] DigitalMe without actually using the "H"