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Re[2]: [higgins-dev] Updating .psf to SVC locations

It is not a problem to add .psf autogen capabilities to higgins2ant.
The problem is that there is no standard Eclipse plugin to work with
svn repository and in case we need .psf files we have to agree which
plugin we all using to access svn because content of .psf files
depends on that directly.

Another way to get all required sub-projects is to generate
'configure' target to our build scripts as it was proposed by Jim
earlier but in this case we also need to make sure that everyone who
want use this target has the same svn ant task installed.

From my point we should have both .psf and 'configure' target in build
scripts because this will allow people to get what they need regardless
of their preferred working environment.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007, 1:08:40 AM, you wrote:

> I will remove all of the old .psf files this week. Let?s see if folks start
> asking for them again. If they do, let?s have higgins2ant autogen them as
> you suggest.

> -Paul

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> I think we need to update any .psf files we have for deployments (I've done
> this for the idas simple deployment), and that maybe we need a master .psf
> for all current higgins projects. 

> Aside from that, should we remove the old .psf files?  I think many people
> directly checkout projects from the SVN repository now that our project
> names are the same as the leaf directory names in the repository. 

> If we do want to keep .psf files for each project, maybe Valery can update
> higgins2ant to make it auto-gen them.  That way each .psf can include all of
> its dependency projects as well. 

> Jim

>>>> Phil Hunt <phil.hunt@xxxxxxxxxx> 12/08/07 3:44 PM >>>
> I notice many, if not all, of the psf files are referring back to the CVS
> repository. Will this be updated to the new SVN locations?
> Phil Hunt 
> Oracle 

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