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[higgins-dev] Changes to Architecture diagram v35->v36

http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Architecture changes in v36:

* Added "Other Apps" and a new red line from it down to IdAS in anticipation
of our intention to create a web services definition for IdAS, and
illustrating that IdAS can be consumed as a standalone service
* Changed the i-card manager to RPPS Web Service... line from blue to red to
reflect the fact that the I-Card Manager consumes the RPPS Web Service as a
web service, not through a local language binding
* Added a missing blue line from HBX to ISS Client UI. We have always
intended that HBX can launch the ISS Client UI, so now the diagram is more
* Moved "RP Enablement" above the "Clients / Core Higgins Service" dotted
line. There is gathering interest among Higgins project members to
contribute to RP Enablement code/libs,etc that help make it easier to build
Relying Party systems. Seems like this component more naturally fits closer
to the RP/SP.
* Changed label below dotted line from "Service" to "Core Higgins Service" 
* Formatting: made all plug-ins a tad narrower than "framework" components