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[higgins-dev] Notes from today's Higgins dev call

* Paula Austel - IBM
* Jeff Broberg - CA
* Duane Buss - Novell
* Greg Byrd - UNC/IBM
* Brian Carrol - Serena
* Tom Doman - Novell
* Andy Hodgkinson - Novell (not sure if right Andy)
* Valary Kokhan - Parity Ukraine
* David Kuehr-Mclaren - IBM
* Mike McIntosh - IBM
* Tony Nadalin - IBM
* Nataraj Nagaratnam - IBM
* Mary Ruddy - Parity/SocialPhysics
* Daniel Sanders - Novell
* Jim Sermersheim - Novell
* Paul Trevithick - Parity/SocialPhysics


1) [Mary] Brainshare/Bandit update 
Mary: [Speaking on behalf of Dale who was not on the call] says C++ ISS code
has been checked into Higgins.
Mary: There is a Bandit/CASA UI on the front of the Higgins ISS. It's in C#
and intertwined with other CASA code that we will work on refactoring until
we can get the UI into Higgins as well.
Mary: Also, an OpenID IdAS Context Provider was demoed
Duane: At the keynote demo on Monday, Dale showed Novell Access Manager
integrated with the Higgins TS authenticating to Sharepoint

2) [Paul] Co-develop F2F (April 30th) agenda
<above wiki page updated during the call>

3) [Mary] Burton Group Catalyst Panel Proposal
Mary: Catalyst speaking proposal is due this week. Considering the great
interest in interoperability, perhaps putting another interop panel together
(e.g. IBM(Tony?), Novell(Dale?), Higgins(Paul?), OpenID(David Recordon?),
Liberty(?). Microsfot (Kim Carmeron?)

4) [Paul] Kevin Miller Perpetual Motion agreement to contribute
Paul: We have reached out to Kevin to see if he was interested in
collaborating with us on HBX. He seemed genuinely interested.
Jim: Is the plan be to have be a committer on Higgins or fork his code? 
Paul: I hope that things progress with Kevin such that he ultimately is
elected committer

[5] [Raj] Review Digital Subject / Digital Identity
Raj: We've been reviewing lexicon a DS is a collection of Attributes and
Digital Identity is a set of claims. At runtime a DI is a token. And A DS is
a representation of what's in the attribute store. IdAS provides the
attribute information. The TS on the other hand deals with tokens (DIs)
going in and out. What we want to do is at runtime deal with digital
identity information independently of attribute information. Reintroducing
Digital Identity as a first class object in the model. DIs would live in the
Token Service. Also, we want to reintroduce attribute-to-claim
transformation component. These changes will promote composability. 
Jim: If I were to have an instance of a DI, there would be some package
where that interface is defined and something would provide instances of
this, correct?
Raj: Yes, the STS is the thing that manages DIs. DIs may in some deployments
in turn consume DSes from IdAS in order to provide their claims. And there
are use cases where the TS doesn't even need to go to IdAS.
...discussion continued... 

Raj: We'll begin now to introduce a DI in the TS and then we'll work through
some scenarios and code changes. The intent here is to start introducing
this for M0.8. 

...there was rough consensus that this made sense and there will be more
conversation at the F2F about this...

[6] Daniel: Dev Processes
Daniel kicked of a discussion about revising our development guidelines for
Higgins committers. 

...I have attempted to synthesize the consensus here:
http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Higgins_Development_Processes ...

Brian: As a consumer of these components I have two observations. (1) It
would still be useful to have CVS labels (of what the owner thinks is a
stable piece). (2) For cross component suggestions Eclipse tends to use
bugzilla to communicate.

Raj will chair next week's dev call as Paul and Mary are unavailable.