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Re: [higgins-dev] JavaScript Policy Context Provider (AKA, Mapping CP)


Are you going to be able to provide sample code for how one would use this 
along with another CP (e.g. JNDI) to achieve what we do now with JNDI CP 


higgins-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 03/09/2007 07:05:34 PM:

> All,
> The JavaScript Policy Context Provider and an associated test 
> project have been checked into eclipse and are now available for 
> I still need to fixup the test project a bit to properly reference 
> the JNDI CP and I need to check in the Virtual Context Provider to 
> eclipse so that the tests run against at least a couple of CPs.  I 
> also need to update the Higgins Components page as soon as I get my 
> next chance so that the CVS instructions and configuration 
> documentation are available there.
> Next, I will be removing the hard coded mappings from the JNDI CP 
> and checking that in.  But I will not do that until I have a perfect
> replication of the mappings we've provided for the STS and reference
> application.  However, be warned, the change is coming and the 
> JavaScript Policy CP will be required to achieve configurable, 
> flexible mappings via simple JavaScript.
> Tom
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