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RE: [higgins-dev] build output directories

The problem with and reason for the difficulty in deleting or renaming a 
directory or file in a project is, once its gone you can never go back to 
previous versions of it or do builds from previous versions when it was 
actually used. I think we need to be sure when we ask for a file to go 
away or be renamed, that we really want what we are asking for.  In the 
case of the build directory Jim is pointing out I agree that its deletion 
will be a benefit and not break anything we did in the past.

Jim, have you tested setting "Window/Preferences/Team/Ignored Resources" 
to include the pattern "build" or "build/*" ? I don't really like this 
solution since it requires manual workspace customizations - but it might 
work well enough to get us thru this for the short term.

The other alternative would be to, once we've really fleshed out all the 
details of how projects should be set up and structured, create new 
projects, copying in useful content from the old projects, and set the old 
projects aside as legacy. We won't delete them so as to allow history - 
but we won't have to put up with old stuff littering the current/new 
project either.


higgins-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 02/04/2007 08:32:12 AM:

> The way I remove directories from CVS is to send an email to 
> webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx asking them to do it. 
> -Paul
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> Subject: RE: [higgins-dev] build output directories
> Does anyone know how to remove a directory from CVS?
> I've been playing with making these changes in the sts projects and 
> have this problem:
> - Can't delete ./build from CVS
> - Can add .cvsignore (containing *) to ./build -- this works great 
> - Eclipse deletes everything under ./build when you do a clean, 
> including .cvsignore -- thus
> - Eclipse CVS wants to commit everything under ./build
> In the IdAS project, I never added the build directory (called .
> /bin, but I an change that) to CVS, thus none of these problems are an 
> So, if we could just remove the ./build directories from all the sts
> projects, we could put "build" in the .cvsignore at the project root
> and all would be well.
> Jim
> >>> "Paul Trevithick" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 2/3/07 9:29 AM >>>
> +1
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> Subject: Re: [higgins-dev] build output directories
> Actually, I'm torn on the doc output directory.  IdAS and STS 
> currently output these to ../www.org.eclipse.higgins.docs/<project>.
> This is good for people like me who have commit rights to the www 
> cvs repository, but not so good for anyone else.
> Maybe we should output into ./build/doc, and if someone like me 
> wants to occasionally copy that output into another project, then we 
> Jim
> >>> "Jim Sermersheim" <jimse@xxxxxxxxxx> 2/2/07 9:35 PM >>>
> We were talking on IM today about making consistent the build output
> directories for our projects.  We ended up wanting to do this:
> ./build/classes (holds .class files)
> ./build/lib (holds .jar and .war)
> Looking closer, I think we probably also want:
> ./build/doc (generated doc output)
> But back on ./build/classes.  I think we want to have the eclipse 
> output dir just be ./build.  This is because the "Clean" target 
> deletes stuff in the eclipse output directory. So for example, in 
> the current sts projects, this will only clean stuff under .
> /build/classes.  We need Clean to clean all output.  The only 
> potential problem I see is if we ever wanted to have a package name 
> that starts with "lib" or "doc".
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