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Re: [higgins-dev] build input directories

So, Daniel made a point (in my office, not on IRC) on Friday:  He was wondering if we could put the jars in a common lib folder.
- I mentioned the issue with different versions of same-named jars being needed by different projects.  He proposed re-naming them in this case.
- To deal with creating a war with the minimum required jars, we could either a) copy the specific jars needed into a project-specific ./lib directory, or b) just name the specific jars in the war target.  In terms of (a), Daniel also suggested maintaining a per-project file which contains the list of dependency jars, and having the ant script parse that and use that list to do the copy.
Thinking more about (a), the eclipse build is not capable of doing fancy stuff like copying specific files from one directory to another before building -- so the eclipse build would always have to point at the common lib folder.

All that stuff sounded like worthy research items to me, but I kind of favor (for now) making the builds assume that there's a ./lib directory and that the jars will be there.  So  guess that's a +1 to Mike's proposal while still thinking about the common lib solution.
>>> Michael McIntosh <mikemci@xxxxxxxxxx> 2/3/07 10:05 AM >>>
Looking for comments.

We recently discussed on IRC standardizing on location of
input(dependency) jars to ./lib
Currently we point to them via a variable - but maintaining these are
difficult and once we can redist permission we can just check them into
Additionally, I'd like to suggest we put all our source code into ./src.

As was discussed in the F2F, this will eventually result in each project
potentially duplicating jars that other projects also use.
The alternative discussed during the F2F was to create separate projects
in CVS for each dependent jar.
Using a large PSF file we could ensure that each project downloaded what
they needed and each jar would only be checked in once.
Additionally, the Eclipse Orbit project could hold these dependent jar
projects for us.

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