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Re: [higgins-dev] build output directories

Actually, I'm torn on the doc output directory.  IdAS and STS currently output these to ../www.org.eclipse.higgins.docs/<project>.  This is good for people like me who have commit rights to the www cvs repository, but not so good for anyone else.
Maybe we should output into ./build/doc, and if someone like me wants to occasionally copy that output into another project, then we can.

>>> "Jim Sermersheim" <jimse@xxxxxxxxxx> 2/2/07 9:35 PM >>>
We were talking on IM today about making consistent the build output directories for our projects.  We ended up wanting to do this:
./build/classes (holds .class files)
./build/lib (holds .jar and .war)
Looking closer, I think we probably also want:
./build/doc (generated doc output)
But back on ./build/classes.  I think we want to have the eclipse output dir just be ./build.  This is because the "Clean" target deletes stuff in the eclipse output directory. So for example, in the current sts projects, this will only clean stuff under ./build/classes.  We need Clean to clean all output.  The only potential problem I see is if we ever wanted to have a package name that starts with "lib" or "doc".