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RE: [higgins-dev] STS Build Instruction Notes

2: At least everything in the axis bundle TBD.  That may be absolutely everything that's missing but it's hard to know when it's TBD.  If we can get that, then I can tell what else might be missing.  In the interim, I simply got the missing jars from Jim's build environment.

5: Indeed, I expect Higgins is going to want to add some new modules to Orbit.


>>> "Mary Ruddy" <mary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 01/31/07 9:02 AM >>>
Re number 2:

What STS dependencies do you think are missing?

Re number 5:

Orbit "will provide a repository of bundled versions of third party
libraries that are approved for use in one or more Eclipse projects. The
repository will maintain old versions of such libraries to facilitate
rebuilding historical output."  

If Higgins is going to want to add a lot of new modules to Orbit, we
will probably need to volunteer a Higgins committer to become an Orbit
committer to help with the work.  I don't think that all third party
libraries just automagically get maintained in Orbit.  I will check with

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Mostly, my notes came down to dependencies, actualizing the
instructions, and creating a single psf file to get started.  I haven't
tried an ant build yet and there may be more notes there.  Also, do we
have deployment instructions?  That'll be next for me.

1. We need an all encompassing psf file which gets all of the required
STS components at once.
2. Complete the STS dependencies page so we know where to go to get the
dependant jars and the correct versions.  Not all dependencies are
listed.  What other jars do we need and how do we get them?
3. Actualize the instructions page.
4. Where do the dependant jars belong in the file system?
5. Easier ways to get dependant jars for any higgins project?  Is that
what Orbit is for?


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