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[higgins-dev] RP Protocol Support API


I have added a bunch of questions I have bracketed by <? . ?> into the wiki
page here (http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/RP_Protocol_Support) what I
labeled the "UI Support" section and the "Support for Token-based RP
Interaction Pattern". Please review this and the other edits that I made. 

One more question: The 'userInterfaceRequest' comment/doc left me unclear
the issue of whether the UI is displaying "...a user interface which shares
the same card metaphor, sequences of experiences and decision points (the
ceremony) of CardSpace so that the user experience is as similar as possible
across platforms." (as quoted from Response to Open Specification Promise
Is this because this particular method was intended to support a different
UX (such as I've seen in idemix demos) and the intention was to have
another, separate 'cardSelectorInterfaceRequest' method to support the "ISS
Web UI": (http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/ISS_Web_UI)