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RE: [higgins-dev] versioning higgins libraries

We are already recording most of this information on the download pages and various associated objects (0.6.0 N20061215 was last night’s IdAS build.) and could use it to more fully label the .jar.   In what way do you mean the build date is not reliable?  Do you mean because it is not part of the .jar name?  Would labeling the jar …0.6.0.N20061215 meet your needs?



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A recurring issue that pops up is that of versioning idas.jar.  As it is, people only have the date to rely on, but that's not reliable.


I assume we'd want a number that includes a major version, minor version, and build number.  It'd good to have the build number auto increment.  I stubbed out the beginnings of an attempt at this in the idas build.xml, but haven't gotten any further.


Maybe the best thing to do is to get someone to own this task.