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[higgins-dev] Representing Metadata in the Higgins Ontology

It doesn't look like we're labeling anything specifically as metadata.  We just define a new object property, create a class for it's range, set it's domain(s) and that appears to be it.  This seems to require that the implementor of an IdAS CP will have to have a table that says ... for example, "timeSpan" is metadata, not an attribute.  Is this correct?

I'm trying to define some metadata for a derived ontology we're working on and I feel like, especially for derived ontologies, we'll need to specificall call things out as metadata.  Of course, I may just be out in left field here, so let me give the specific example ... of course, this may just be an extension of the Relationship vs. Attribute discussion but hey, I'm trying to make progress where I can ...

I want to define an object property, as far as I can tell, as a subProperty of a &higgins;relationship.  I want my object property to have metadata and, as per the IdAS API, a relationship can have metadata.  That's good.  What do I need to do in my ontology to define this metadata, identify it as metadata, and restrict it to the object property I desire?