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[higgins-dev] Updated Generated LDAP Ontology

I went and downloaded a 30 day evaluation copy of Altova's SemanticWorks 2006 and was able to answer several of my questions.

1. As Paul said, it indeed handles the "&" so I'm considering that issue resolved.  Protégé just isn't going to cut it as an OWL editor for us for that and other reasons I'll detail.
2. As I last sent it, my generated ontology was indeed, OWL-Full.  However, it was not OWL-DL and, as Mark said, we need the equivalencies defined in our ontology to make it OWL-DL.  I decided to try them as global (without the '#') definitions which is what I wanted from the beginning and, voila, it works just fine.  Again, Protégé sent me off on a needless chase.  So, I'm also considering this issue resolved.

The only things that are currently preventing the attached ontology from being error free as OWL-DL are:
1. The absence of authorityRevocationList as an attribute definition (I'm currently adopting a garbage in, garbage out philosophy on this one).
2. The absence of the some of the base types we discussed like Base64BinaryDatatypeAttribute and StringDatatypeAttribute at http://www.eclipse.org/higgins/ontologies/2006/higgins.owl.  Paul, could you put Higgins0.5.6.owl at this URL?

Next, I'm moving on to syntax definitions.  BTW, I'm maintaining a list of LDAP specific OWL issues that I'll e-mail out later under separate cover.

Any comments or feedback on my latest ontology?

Tom Doman
Novell Inc.

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