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[higgins-dev] Latest generated LDAP Ontology

For your perusal, attached is the latest from my LDAP Ontology generator.  It now:
1. Handles single valued attribute definitions with a separate restriction.
2. Includes the MUSTs in the "rdfs:domain" elements of attribute definitions.

Next Issues:
1. Create the "OID equivalents" and reference them properly with "#" or without it.  I'm still looking for feedback on this one from any OWL experts out there.  I could simply create them all and reference them with the "#" but I want to understand why that'd be the right thing to do.  In that case, each of them would be part of the 'bandit' namespace.  For the standard ones, it seems like the 'global' namespace would be what we want.
2. Attribute and class name collision handling.
3. & escaping by DOM implementation.  Shouldn't all XML parsers be able to handle this escapement?  Thus OWL editors?  No, Protégé doesn't like it either.  :)  I still need to investigate what DOM4j or the StringWriter I'm using might be able to do.
4. Tackle the syntax definitions.

Feedback on #1 or #3?

Tom Doman
Novell Inc.

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