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RE: [higgins-dev] OWL Classes from LDAP Classes

Hi Tom,

In the attached I've
- fixed up a few syntactical errors (e.g. &xsd; -> &xsd;)
- Added missing <owl:subclassOf>..</owl:subclassOf> constructs around your
- Other errors are caused by references in the classes to as-yet-undefined
OWL properties (as you mentioned)


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> Subject: [higgins-dev] OWL Classes from LDAP Classes
> For your perusal, attached is the output from the java implementation of
> IContext::getSchema method I've been working on for our Higgins JNDI
> context provider.  It just contains the classes so far.
> I still don't know what to do with AUXILIARY, nor ABSTRACT classes in OWL.
> Any ideas would be appreciated.  The MAYs will be expressed as
> "rdf:domain" elements on the ObjectProperties that represent the attribute
> definitions.
> I'm also planning on making Property definitions that represent LDAP
> syntax definitions and specifying them as the "rdf:range" of the
> ObjectProperties that represent the attribute definitions.  This is
> instead of worrying about common higgins ObjectProperty definitions.
> Questions?  Comments?
> Tom

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