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Re: [higgins-dev] Registering Contexts

That would be on the IdASRegistry class, right?
I was wondering who would call that. In the case where a user is in control of registering contexts it caused to be created, that would be fine. I was more thinking of when we mentioned that the CP might be configured to register contexts it creates. In that case, it needs to be passed the IdASRegistry instance (so it can call IdASRegistry.registerContext(this)).
Easy enough to put this off until it's more obvious we need it.

>>> Greg Byrd <gbyrd@xxxxxxxx> 8/28/06 2:16 PM >>>

I was just envisioning an explicit registerContext(IContext) call,
rather than a policy-driven approach.


Jim Sermersheim wrote:
> We briefly touched on this again at the recent F2F.  Greg explained
> how a context provider might have policy (which may include some form
> of user-input) that will cause it to register IContext instances when
> they are created.

> This made me realize there's no mechanism to do this. I initially
> thought we should add an argument to ContextFactory.create(). The
> argument would be the instace of IdASRegistry. When present, the
> factory could use that to register the created context (when
> configured to do so).

> Does that sound like the right approach? Maybe we should wait until
> the registry APIs are more fleshed out.

> Jim

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