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Re: [higgins-dev] Nomination of Sergey Yakovlev as a Higgins committer


Paul please ask Sergey and Valery to get a hold of me RE: the RSS SSE ECF provider and extensions to datashare API.


Paul Trevithick wrote:

I nominate Sergey Yakovlev be added to the Higgins project as a committer. Sergey has been making valuable contributions to Higgins for the past three months. He has been working on a new context provider that integrates with RSS (using Microsoft’s proposed synchronization extensions to RSS). This project also involved creating a new ECF “datashare” provider. He has several years of experience in Java including J2EE, Struts, EJB, JSP, JDBC using a wide variety of development tools. I think he’d be a great addition to the team of committers.

Higgins committers (Mary, Scott, Ken, Peter, Dmitry, Andy, Valery) please respond to this email with either: +1 (approve) -1 (disapprove), or 0 (indifferent), or request for more information. If I don't hear from a given committer within two full days, I'll assume a vote of 0. If we receive at least three +1 with no -1 the addition will be provisionally approved and I'll begin the rest of the Eclipse committer election process.

My vote: +1



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