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[higgins-dev] Notes from 3/30 Higgins-dev conference call


  SocialPhysics: PaulT, MaryR

  ooTao: AndyD

  Serena/Eclipse-ALF: BrianC

  Novell: JimS, TomD, DuaneB

  IBM: TonyN, MikeM

  My Virtual Model: ChrisD, AndrewV, GregoryS


To start things off Paul walked through this page http://spwiki.editme.com/_Page?page=WorkAreas&page-version=15 and broadly walked through the architecture (see diagram at the bottom of that page).


Each company spoke about what work areas were of interest to them.


Novell expressed their intention to create one or more context providers.


IBM expressed an interest in pretty much every area.


Chris of MVM explained that they'd recently started to learn about Higgins and that they are looking at how it could provide a user-centric framework for management of a person's 3D body model, kitchen, entire home, etc. data.


Brian introduced the Eclipse ALF application lifecycle framework. He said that ALF would primarily be a consumer of Higgins. They need to know who is authorized to use what tool, what privileges they have for using what functions. These apps could be both desktop and web based. They needed to manage a security context through a BPEL flow. ALF needs an STS and Brian volunteered that since Higgins also needs one perhaps ALF could contribute resources to it.


Andy explained his interest in distributed identity standards, and his interest in how to manage data in a distribute network. Doing so requires a robust identity layer. He envisioned implementing one or more context providers and consuming the Higgins API in his work. He also offered to contribute to the Higgins BX area (having already done some Firefox XUL-level work).


Tony made two suggestions: (1) split the architecture diagram into "eclipse developer functionality" and "user functionality". (2) We should commit to creating one or two root context implementations within the scope of the project.


Paul explained that the next milestone is M0.4 in June. We plan to demonstrate interoperability with Microsoft InfoCard in June if possible.


We discussed having a weekly Higgins conference call.


Mary asked for a volunteer to leverage the automated build stream created by another Eclipse project (ECF) to set up an automated build stream for Higgins.