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[higgins-dev] ALF - Higgins Agenda

Greetings Higgins and ALF. I've taken the liberty of putting together an
agenda for today's meeting. Looking forward to today's discussion.

Meeting Agenda:

1. Introductions - 5 minutes

2. Project introductions - 10 minutes
   ALF - Project goals
   Higgins - Project goals
3. ALF Requirements - short term: - 5 minutes
   Security Landscape
   WebServices requirements
4. ALF Requirements - longer term - 10 minutes
   Roles and Permissions
   Emerging Architecture
5. Project Status - 10 minutes
6. General Discussion - 15 minutes
7. Next Steps/Wrap up - 5 minutes

Conference ID:  ZJH5390  
Conference Name:  HIGGINS MEETS ALF 
Start Time:  Sep 26 2005  01:00 PM  US Pacific  
Dial-in Number(s):  (877) 331-6867      
Host Code:  595344   
Participant Code:  553792  


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