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[graphiti-dev] First Editor

Hey everyone,

I know its not the common way to ask via dev-mailinglist, but no one answered me in my thread, so I decide to ask you.
I think the answer should be pretty easy, but I dont get it for my own.

Its my first try to develop a plugin, and I start with your tutorial and just copy paste the first classes to test it and
reconfigure it to understand the API.
I am able to create a new editor, but if I try to open it there is no EClass object and I got the exception:

Contributor mytutorial.PropertyContributor cannot be created.

Later in your tutorial it is described how I add this to the plugin.xml and I think I did it like I should.
But now I got nothing, no exception, no EClass, no warning.

Ive tried everything I know, but it doesnt work.
Last step, ask some developer.

I hope you can help me :)