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[graphiti-dev] Automated Build

Hi all,

the Graphiti nightly build is set up now and showed first green results. It is running on the Eclipse Hudson (https://build.eclipse.org/hudson ) and checks 5 minutes past every full hour for changes in the repository; in case changes are found the build is triggered. In case of build or test errors an email is sent to this distribution list. Currently both JUnit test suites (core and UI plugins) are run, the bot tests are not yet run.

The Emma code coverage results show only the coverage inside the test plugins not the ones under test, this is something that needs to be fixed somehow. The reason is that we test against the just build binary plugins. If anybody knows how to configure Emma to check these as well, please let me know...

Here's the link to our Hudson build job (needs logon with the respective permissions): https://build.eclipse.org/hudson/job/emf-graphiti-nighly/