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[gmt-dev] Announcing UMLX 0.0.0

The UMLX 0.0.0 release provides a graphical meta-model editor for Ecore files. It is
based on the GEF EDiagram example with the following additional functionality:

* multi-page editing (allows more than one picture per meta-model) 
* multi-editing (allows an update in one model to affect multiple uses) 
* read-only and locked models (prevents accidental update of referenced models) 
* registered EMF models (allows access to models by URI e.g http://www.eclipse.org/emf/2002/Ecore) 
* extension points (the meta-model paradigm is an extension) 
* error markers (identifies inconsistent/illegal graphical context) 
* status line (explains unavailable actions) 
* copy/cut and paste 
* redefinition by drag and drop 
* many minor improvements and bug-fixes 
* hopefully not too many extra bugs

The 0.0.0 release is very much alpha code, made available for those who may be interested
in tracking or contributing to the ongoing development. It should not be used for
production applications.

UMLX will eventually provide support for a graphical syntax for QVT compatible transformations.
The release therefore also demonstrates a second editing paradigm for transformations. 

UMLX may be downloaded via http://dev.eclipse.org/viewcvs/indextech.cgi/~checkout~/gmt-home/subprojects/UMLX/download/index.html.

An Ecore example may be viewed at

[If you were very proactive and downloaded the unannounced 20050820 build, please delete
all org.eclipse.gmt.umlx... plugins and features and update again to get 20050827.]


        Ed Willink