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[gmt-dev] GME / GMT discussion to continue on Gmt-Dev@Eclipse.org

Hi Akos,

>> 1. I am not aware of a binding of GME to a template language engine. Is
>> something along these lines on your roadmap? How about considering
>> collaboration with the GMT project?

>I need to learn more about the GMT project. Do you have a short
>description? But we can also start by discussing what support from GME
>is missing that would be useful for your project.

You can find out more about GMT at www.eclipse.org/gmt/. In the news section
you'll find links to relevant documents that describe the currently
available functionality. There is an FAQ at
http://dev.eclipse.org/viewcvs/indextech.cgi/~checkout~/gmt-home/faq.html, a
tutorial on using GMT FUUT-je, and some architecture and design
documentation. The currently published project plan and roadmap is out of
date. The usual story of lack of time... But we're having a GMT team
video/voice conference on this topic tomorrow. After that we'll be in a good
position to compare notes with the GME team on roadmap, objectives etc.

At least one person in our team will have to take some time to explore GME
first-hand. Suggest your team does the same with GMT. Otherwise, if we just
share ideas and documents but are unfamiliar with each others tools, we run
a large risk of unintentionally talking past each other.

>> 2. Parts of the UI for capturing model content in GME are (were? ;-)
>> weak, for example that a list of attribute specifications has to be
>> into a single text field. Any changes in this area?

>We have not had major improvements in this area. I am not sure I
>understand the "list of attributes" example.

Hmm, maybe it's not called "attributes" but "properties" in the GME editor?
Or was this perhaps just a weakness of the particular example meta model
used to implement "UML class diagrams" in GME?

>> 3. I vagely remember talk about integrating GME with Eclipse. Is my
>> correct? What's happening on that front?

>There is an Eclipse integrated GME model viewer available for download.
>Basically it goes through our Java/COM bridge to a Eclipse plugin viewer
>and model browser. We ran out of time and energy to make if a full
>editor. However, a brand new gui will be in the works that will be in
>Java and Eclipse-integrated hopefully by the start of 2005.

Looking forward to that!

>> 4. As far as I remember the meta model underlying GME is non-MOF
>> Is there any intention to change this? In keeping with the MDSD paradigm
>> would like to avoid duplication of effort between the GMT, GME, and
>> openArchitectureware projects. Now, that GME is Open Source as well, it
>> makes sense to collaborate very closely, and to strive for some degree of
>> interoperability and standardisation. Remember that the vision for GMT is
>> build a transformation tool platform that enables the orchestration of
>> various transformations, which may be specified using any one of the
>> toolkits mentioned above.

>There is a graduate student here working on MOF stuff. First, we have a
>pure MOF editor in GME. Second he is creating a MOF -based GME
>metamodeling environment. He will use GReAT to trasnlate these
>metamodels to the "old style" GME metamodels so that the current
>metamodel interpreter can be used to configure then GME.


>The stuff is available on the contrib page on the gme website.

Will check it out.

>BTW, let's explore the collaboration idea some more...

Agree! Will get in touch after our GMT meeting tomorrow.

PS: As you can see I've also posted this note to the GMT developer mailing
list. In order not to clog up the MDSD discussion group with tool-specific
details, let's continue the discussion on Gmt-Dev@xxxxxxxxxxxx


Jorn Bettin
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