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Re: [gmt-dev] Outsider View

Amen. I would like to see these questions answered too, since I'm a little confused about the role of GMT without them...


Philipp W. Kutter wrote:

Dear GMT Group.
In order not to loose the other Eclipse users and developers and in order
not to loose the people interested in MDA as defined by OMG, you
should answer on the first page of your project:

- if MOF the standard means of the project to define meta-models/abstract syntax?
If not, why?

- are you using the EMF implementation of MOF? If not, why?

- are Eclipse extension-points and extensions the standard means for plugin existing
tools into GMT and for composing different GMT components? If not why?

Your current answers based on XMI do not seem enough to me. For connecting pure
XMI based components, you can use Unix pipes or Web Services, you do not need
Eclipse. XMI is only a way to export and import MOF based models (including UML
Best Regards,

Philipp Kutter

A4M applied formal methods AG

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