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Re: [gmf-dev] Nominated GMF Tooling as "Most Open Project"

Hi, Mickael.

I nominated GMF Tooling as a contender for the "Most Open Project" award. As explained in the nomination, I think GMF Tooling is eligible for this award given the amount of efforts we did to make it more transparent, more accessible, and that we have re-boosted the community that now provides high-value contributions, such as the SimpleMap editor.
I agree. Excellent idea. I'd like to mention in addition for the nomination:
- how open the full time employee now working on it (Michael Golubev, Svyatoslav Kovalsky, Guillaume Hillairet) where in accepting part time committers (you and Ralph Gerbig),
- how much GMF-T is based on other framworks (OCL and QVTO) and last  but not least,
- how the open MDA Architecture of GMF-T allows to target different platform specific models such as the traditionally targetet "GMF Runtime" and the more modern "Graphiti"

Any way to add this to the official arguments to the nomination?
This nomination is just a "marketing" stuff to make people speak more about GMF Tooling, there is nothing to win, nothing to loose, no time to spend in it.
Here I do not agree!

This nomination is essential, and tries to highlight how important openness is for the open source process. Closed process, that are greedy in closing the group of committers, and in doing everything on their own will not be able to scale to the whoe industry, and finally to the whole economy. We need open implemenations based on open standards, implemented in a pragmatical way. EMF is the prime example for this!

Thanks a lot for this great contribution to the project.

Regards, Philipp


Mickael Istria
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