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Re: [gmf-dev] GMF Tooling Visual Editor

Hi Mickael,

I have made some important changes to the GMF Simple Map Editor according to what we spoke a few weeks ago:

1 - The new editor now generates and edit simultaneously the 3 usual GMF Tooling Models: gmfgraph, gmftool and gmfmap
2 - A new Wizard allows the user to select the metamodel and the Diagram element to work with.
3 - You can create a simple mapping editor from an existing gmfmap model with the context menu option "Migrate to Simple Mapping"

I have created an Eclipse Update Site for users who want to test the tool without cloning it from github:


I also created a basic Quick Start Guide and updated the Demo:



Any comments will be appreciated !


On 16 December 2011 12:20, Mickael Istria <mickael.istria@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 16/12/2011 12:10, Andres Alvarez wrote:
However I have some questions about how the editor should react for example if a user delete a figure directly from the gmfgraph or change the figure descriptor for an existing node ?
I did not thought about this possible action. I don't have any idea! Probably the best user-experience would be for the editor to detect changes and to pop-up a window asking for re-loading the diagram according to the changes.

Also, about re-using figures, correct me if I'm wrong but, in my opinion, I don't see many cases where the user will use the same figure for different nodes on the same diagram, except if the figures have exactly the same structure (same number of compartments and labels), but in that case is more like duplication of a complete node mapping (maybe for different specializations of a model element) and this could be done from the visual editor (in future versions).
You're right.
The use case I had in mind was more for figures that follow standards (I'm thinking of UML or BPMN). These figures could be defined once and then shared accross several client editors. There is also the use-case of complex composite figures (here again, I'm thinking of BPMN) when a user wants to share common stuff between Figures in the .gmfgraph. But I think that's a topic that is not yet relevant at this point.

I would find very interesting to have a gmfgraph editor to allow the user to have a preview of the figures and maybe provide a way to make a more complex customization of the figures, and from the visual editor provide a more basic customization tool (foreground, color, size, etc..).
See https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=363449 and its attached screenshot.

With this approach we can use the visual editor to quickly generate and test our diagrams, and later concentrate on the customization of the visual aspects.
That's IMHO what people want to do: having a first iteration or POC very quickly (your editor seem to be very good at doing that), and then being able to refine this first iteration from more advanced and specific editors.


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