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[gmf-dev] [GMF Tooling] Created a 2.4.x-maintenance branch

Hi all,

I created a Git branch named 2.4.x-maintenance branch. It is intended to receive all patches for bugs (and only bugs) on the previous release. We will merge this branch into the "master" branch from times to times, so that the master branch will benefit from bug fixes made in the maintenance branch. Mainenance versions will be tagged on this maintenance branch.
In case of issue when committing to the wrong branch (that always happen with Git ;), then we'll simply try to rebase a commit from one branch to another.

I also requested to have a maintenance build on hudson.eclipse.org, in addition of our current build (which runs on the master branch). https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=364411


Mickael Istria
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