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[gmf-dev] Better help structuration

Hi all,

A comment from my blog post about GMF Documentation [1]

Well, from your post you link to quite a few pages, so it just seems there are so many entries into GMF, and many places where recipes are shared.

Conversely, for Graphiti, there is one official guide located at help.eclipse.org. (To be honest there’s also an FAQ which not all people find and so on. So there’s room for improvement also there.)

To take an example:

Under “Getting started”:
The “Online documentation” links to http://help.eclipse.org/ganymede/index.jsp
This must be wrong..?
In the current http://help.eclipse.org there is no GMF documentation. I don’t know if this is intentional? (If I recall correctly GMF was back on the Indigo release train..?)
The “tutorial” links to a page.. which simply has a link to an other page.

It clearly appears that for a user:
* It is impossible to find an "official" documentation
* Documentation is broken https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=359948
* The main Eclipse GMP site is out-of-date regarding... well... almost everything about GMF.

IMHO, the wiki is the best way to make documentation available. It is easy to contribute, easy to find stuff (thanks to the search widget, well indexed on Google... However, although I put some efforts in it, there are still some pages that deserves to be improved [1] and links from this pages.

Having a look at GMF wiki, there are 2 kind of useful resources:
* Tutorial
* Howtos
I think we should split documentation that way. Currently there are lots of pages with How To's. Having fewer ones would be far easier to use.

But I think the real issue is: what is the official position of GMF project regarding help? What links should really be on the GMF website? It is time to make a choice, and to update the website according to it.


Mickael Istria
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