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RE: [gmf-dev] Call for Vote: Commit rights for Fred Plante

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From: Richard Gronback [mailto:Richard.Gronback@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 1:46 AM
To: GMF Project developer discussions.
Subject: [gmf-dev] Call for Vote: Commit rights for Fred Plante

In accordance with our Eclipse Technology project charter (http://www.eclipse.org/technology/technology-charter.html), I propose that Fred Plante of IBM be granted commit rights on the GMF project, and call for a vote from the existing committers on this matter. 
Please vote by responding:
+1 (yes)
-1 (no, or veto)
 0 (abstain)
This vote is for existing committers on the GMF project only. 


Fred will be responsible for the contribution and continued development of IBM’s runtime framework, selected as an initial contribution for the GMF project.  We met with Fred (and Dan Leroux) last week during the GMF kickoff meeting and welcome his team’s participation in GMF, as it is clear their work will be a great target for GMF’s definition and generation facilities.





Richard C. Gronback

Borland Software Corporation


+1 860 227 9215