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Re: [git] Tags migrated from SVN

On Tuesday, December 06, 2011 05:21:53 PM Paul Webster wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 10:55 AM, Stephan Herrmann
> <stephan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:
> >
> > Regarding the issue of tags in folders/hierarchies I'd really like to hear
> > if I'm doing something that no git-guru would do/recommend.
> >
> In git the directory structure of refs is both a convention and its name.
> v20111206 -> refs/tags/v20111206, build/v20111206 ->
> refs/tags/build/v20111206
> But PDE build + git fetch factory can only take tags of the form v20111206
> or the qualifier substitution yacks.  For nightlies, the same trick with
> CVS pulling from HEAD using fetchTag works with GIT pulling from master

The HEAD trick is good to know, thanks!

> Maybe PDE build or the git fetchfactory could be modified to work with more
> complex tags, but I don't think anybody has looked at that.

Given I'm not barking up the wrong tree I might give it a try to patch the
fetch factory accordingly.

>  I know in the Eclipse project we just left all of our tags at refs/tags/whatever

I assume this was partly, because in CVS no hierarchy existed (because not
supported by CVS). With SVN the world was already a bit brighter :)