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[gemini-dev] Gemini Blueprint migration guide and bean names of "anonymous" services

The Gemini Blueprint migration guide ([1]) describes how the Spring DM specific bean name service property (org.springframework.osgi.bean.name) has been deprecated in favour of a Gemini Blueprint specific property (org.eclipse.gemini.blueprint.bean.name).

However, there is another difference in behaviour in this area, at least when comparing Spring DM 1.2.1 to Gemini Blueprint, and it relates to the bean name service property for services constructed using anonymous inner beans.

In Spring DM 1.2.1, services with inline bean declarations such as:

<osgi:service interface="java.util.List">
<bean class="java.util.ArrayList"/>
used to show up in the service registry with a bean name, e.g.:

{java.util.List}={org.springframework.osgi.bean.name=7402d14a, Bundle-SymbolicName=service-scoping-1-service.scoping.one, Bundle-Version=1, service.id=233}

With Gemini Blueprint, such services no longer have a bean name, so they appear in the service registry with no hint that Gemini Blueprint is used to publish the service, e.g.:

{java.util.List}={Bundle-SymbolicName=service-scoping-1-service.scoping.one, Bundle-Version=1.0.0, service.id=240}

I'll look into getting this information added to the migration guide.

[1] http://www.eclipse.org/gemini/blueprint/documentation/migration/