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Re: [gemini-dev] A Logo for Gemini

Hi Chris,

Thanks for working on these. Very snazzy!

I'll say right off that I am not trained in marketing, so I am definitely not an authority (although I do enjoy listening to a show on marketing each Saturday morning on CBC radio ;-) but let me just list some of the points that I had in my mind regarding the logo.

- should probably be easily recognizable (even as small image)
- would be nice to use something simple along the lines of the gemini sign (google images "gemini")
- while the RT logo can be incorporated, I am not dead set on it (I find it a looks a little too much like a telecommunications logo) especially since it would add another level of "busyness" to the logo
- my gut feeling is that we don't have a logo for each subproject but concentrate on a single one and all of us focus on making it ubiquitous

Just some thoughts,


PS I wish I had some artistic ability to try some of this myself...

On 4/28/2010 6:49 AM, Christopher Frost wrote:
Hello all,

I have spent some time poking pixels around and made three different potential logos for Gemini, they are all based on the EclipseRT logo as they are trying to get a consistent brand for it. We can discuss on tomorrows call and please feel free to say they are all rubbish and give me some new ideas and I'll have another bash, I think I was running out of ideas by the third one anyway.

Chris Frost
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