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[gemini-dev] Re: Weekly Gemini meeting

Well, it is starting to look good, then, for Thursdays @ 4:30pm BST (currently GMT+1).
So, that would mean that we would meet at the following times in the following zones:

4:30 pm (UK)
11:30 am (Eastern)
8:30 am (Pacific)

Not sure if Costin is in Romania, and what time zone that is (2 or 3 hours ahead of UK?) but is that possible for you Costin?

We would be sure to finish by 4:55 pm (BST).


On 3/29/2010 11:15 AM, Bob Nettleton wrote:
The meeting time (11:30am EST) for any of the three days is fine with me.


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oddly, any of those days @ 8:30 am PDT is open for me.

On Mar 28, 2010, at 8:05 PM, Mike Keith wrote:

Hi all,

It was suggested that we have a weekly meeting at least for
a little bit to help everyone get the project code committed
initially and to keep the projects progressing. It would be
nice if the mentors could also attend to help sort out any
process issues that come up and to help people get past any
potential barriers.
We have people in Europe (GMT for Glyn and I believe Costin
is GMT+1?), as well as GMT-5, and GMT-8, so we are kind of
spread out, spanning 9 hours. If we picked 4:30pm GMT, that
would be 5:30pm GMT+1 on the one end and 8:30am Pacific time
on the other. Perhaps the people at both ends of the temporal
spectrum should be the ones to commit to a time since they
are the ones likely to be slightly off-hours. The 4:30pm GMT
time would be 11:30am Eastern, which I could make on Monday,
Thursday or Friday.
Can others please shout out your meeting day and time