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[gef3d-dev] GEF3D Nightly Build works!


eventually I can check off another item on my Year-2011-ToDo list: The GEF3D nightly build is working on hudson.eclipse.org:


As you can see: the GEF3D sun is shining! (Which is a really good thing as the sun doesn't shine that much here in Berlin at the moment). The build includes tests, and building a p2 repository!

I have asked Chris a few questions concerning some hudson.eclipse.org issues and how about proposing a release review.

You can test the created GEF3D repository at


Note that you need LWJGL to be installed, e.g., from
or my personal mirror (which is likely to be removed soon) at

You can actually install GEF3D from the site above, however this is only for your tests and should not be published yet (one of my questions to Chris is, if we can provide a nightly-build update site). Unfortunately there is a little problem with the Javadoc generation at hudson.eclipse (it works on my system), so there is no API documentation available at the moment. But you can easily test the installation by creating a new GEF3D graph example!


P.S. Miles: I can really recommend Maven/Tycho. My build contains dependencies to GEF, GMF, EMF, and LWJGL -- and it is really easy to configure. However, GEF3D requires only the basic build features, e.g., no code generation.