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Re: [gef3d-dev] Update on build

 Dear Miles,

On 09.03.11 03:59, Miles Parker wrote:
Hey guys, let's just ask FoE to sponsor our build! ;-D Seriously, I'm getting ready for EclipseCon and so am a bit harried but I don't want to drop things either. What kind of schedule issues if any are you looking at?
Frankly, I had planned to write that build system more than a year ago. So... I don't think a little more delay will be a problem ;-)

Is anyone coming to EclipseCon?
Unfortunately, I won't be able to coming to EclipseCon. Would have been great to meet you in person!

I have asked the webmaster to grant you write access to the whole GEF3D repository. I have cc-ed you my mail. Also, I have moved the releng-project from the GEF3D root to the trunk folder. I would prefer to stick to only three root folders in the repository (trunk, branches, tags). So, I you need a new project for releng-build, I would recommend to create it in the trunk (as you suggested: trunk/org.eclipse.gef3d.build-feature. I haven't created the project yet, because I figure you to have a local version of that project which you could simply add to our svn (once you have write access).