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[gef3d-dev] Unnecessary constants in Graphics3DUtil

 Hi all,

I have updated the LWJGL update site build script, and hopefully I can send this to the LWJGL team in order to get newer LWJGL versions available via the update site soon. (Brian Matzon from the LWJGL team told me he would maintain the site, however the script was broken).

I wasn't sure about the changes in the latest LWJGL version, thus I added a check on the constant values defined in GL1x, in order to find differences. It seems as if LWJGL 2.6 hasn't changed anything (which is not really surprising), however a check cannot hurt. Actually, on my system GEF3D works with LGJWL 2.6 now ;-)

In this context I found some GLU-constants in org.eclipse.draw3d.graphics3d.Graphics3DUtil, which are not used anywhere. Is it possible to simply remove these constants?