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Re: [gef3d-dev] JOGL did NOT get IP approved

Hi guys,

That is indeed a bummer. I really sympathize with your going through process and I'm sure that Eclipse legal is doing all they can. Shame about Oracle timing.

On a more positive note, the discovery mechanisms and build mechanisms are making it much easier to include third party external dependencies. Have you seen:


There have also been advances on the build side allowing dependencies to third party sites to be included in build definitions.


So it might not be nearly as big of an issue as it was in the past. The one thing that you couldn't do is provide fully built apps from the Eclipse site, but with something like GEF3D you wouldn't be doing that anyway.



I've been talking with folks at 

On Mar 11, 2010, at 2:00 AM, Jens v.P. wrote:

Hi all,

yesterday was a bad day for GEF3D and other 3D related projects at Eclipse:

   JOGL did not get IP approved.

Without JOGL and LWJGL (which did not get IP approved either) I'm afraid there will be no OpenGL wrapper library left to put into the Eclipse orbit. For details, see http://dev.eclipse.org/ipzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=2840

While this sounds pretty dramatically, I still haven't lost all hopes. As far as I understand the situation, the main problem of getting JOGL IP approved was the Oracle/Sun merge. So it simply was bad timing. We (especially Barb Cochrane, who did the due diligence) weren't able to find a person responsible for JOGL at Oracle/Sun. Maybe we'll be able to find someone in a couple of weeks (or months?).

Similar to SVN, we can still work on GEF3D and rely on 3rd party libraries not added to the orbit. In a couple of weeks I hope to create a build system, maybe we can figure out a way of how to deal with LWJGL or JOGL.

Besides, there were some SWT OpenGL bindings. I don't know the current state of this package and I'm not sure whether it makes sense to create our own OpenGL bindings. I'm not sure about how much work this would be, since we already provide a lot of things usually provided by these wrapper libraries (such as basic shapes, the 3D geometry package and so on). Maybe it wouldn't be that hard to revive these SWT bindings... Maybe we could even try to create a Google Summer of Code project for this? What do you think?


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