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Re: [gef3d-dev] Renderer isn't loading in standalone

Hi Miles,

is there a line in your log file that looks something like

"Extension found: <something>, Contributor: <something else>" ?

The LWJGL plugin is there as well as the LWJGL implementation of graphics3d. If the above line is missing, then the extension defined by org.eclipse.draw3d.lwjgl of the extension point "org.eclipse.draw3d.graphics3d" was not found during the initialization of the org.eclipse.draw3d.graphics3d plugin. I didn't write this code, but maybe the initialization order is wrong and the code that loads the plugin descriptors (in Graphics3DRegistry.updateDescriptors()) gets executed before the org.eclipse.draw3d.lwjgl plugin is loaded, so that the extension point has not been registered. An easy way to check this is to uncomment the line

//		updateDescriptors();

in line 70 of Graphics3DRegistry. Is there an easy way for you to try this?

Best regards