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[gef3d-dev] Renderer isn't loading in standalone

HI guys,

Now it's my turn to do a demo -- at eclipse modeling days on wednesday -- and while I can get it to run under self-hosted runtime, I just discovered that it doesn't work for standalone install. :( It seems that GEF3D isn't loading the lwjgl plugin. I'm not sure yet what is happening because I'm not sure how to debug a standalone app, except for literally putting sys.out calls into plugins, building them and then manually installing them. :O Here's the (os) console output:

11/16/09 11:25:15 AM [0x0-0x199199].org.eclipse.eclipse[3448] Nov 16, 2009 11:25:15 AM org.eclipse.draw3d.graphics3d.Graphics3DRegistry getDefaultScreenRenderer
11/16/09 11:25:15 AM [0x0-0x199199].org.eclipse.eclipse[3448] SEVERE: No screen renderer not found
11/16/09 11:25:15 AM [0x0-0x199199].org.eclipse.eclipse[3448] Nov 16, 2009 11:25:15 AM org.eclipse.draw3d.DeferredUpdateManager3D repairDamage
11/16/09 11:25:15 AM [0x0-0x199199].org.eclipse.eclipse[3448] WARNING: repairDamage called, but canvas is null. Hint: call LightweightSystem.setControl(..)

I checked and in fact it isn't locating anything for extension point. That is, for this code in Graphics3DRegistry:

    private static void updateDescriptors() {

        IExtensionRegistry registry = Platform.getExtensionRegistry();
        IExtensionPoint point = registry
        System.err.println("point" + point);

I get:

"point null"

So clearly the extension is not getting loaded. The question is why not? It might be something that's happening on my end because I'm using a dynamic class loading mechanism, but it doesn't seem like that should affect the loading of the gef lwjgl extension. Is there anyway to force this loading or to just manually load it?

So I'm going to check on that but in the meantime any insight form your end is greatly appreciated.