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[gef3d-dev] JOGL Test Project

Dear GEF3D developers,

Madhu Samuel is currently working on first steps for implementing a renderer using JOGL (instead of LWJGL). Before submitting the JOGL GQ I tested myself whether JOGL is working within Eclipse and SWT. I have attached my example project to this mail, excluding the JOGL libraries (in order to keep this mail small and to avoid legal problems). The source code contains a sample view part producing the spinning torus, shamelessly copied from the SWT OpenGL snippets.

In order to run the code, you will need the JOGL libraries. I have only tested it under Mac OS X, the following JOGL files are to be placed in the project folder:

  • /JOGL_Test_Sun/gluegen-rt.jar
  • /JOGL_Test_Sun/jogl.jar
  • /JOGL_Test_Sun/libgluegen-rt.jnilib
  • /JOGL_Test_Sun/libjogl_awt.jnilib
  • /JOGL_Test_Sun/libjogl_cg.jnilib
  • /JOGL_Test_Sun/libjogl.jnilib

I assume the jnilibs have to be replaced with some DLLs/shared libs under Windows/Linux. I used JOGL version 1.1.1.

If everything is set up correctly, the view can be activated via Window/Show View/Others/JOGL_Sun_TestView. I have just tested the demo under Eclipse 3.5, Cocoa 32bit, and is is working.

The example is rather small, but it demonstrates that JOGL is running within Eclipse and SWT. I think we should firstly create a JOGL plugin comparable to the LWJGL plugin I created and which is available via http://lwjgl.org/update (maybe we can do that very similarly including documentation and sources) . We can then provide this plugin via the Eclipse orbit when JOGL is legally approved. Secondly we have to provide a plugin "org.eclipse.draw3d.jogl", comparable to "org.eclipse.draw3d.lwjgl" implementing Graphics3D and stuff.



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