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Re: [gef-dev] Detaching GEF from Eclipse

Can you elaborate on coupling of GEF framework with Eclipse infrastructure? GEF is was made to sit on top of SWT/JFace/draw2d stack, so may be I don't understand the question.

RAP project is aimed at representing RCP on the web and they have been successful at doing so for SWT components. GEF is a little bit tough because every request of change of a figure needs to be propagated to underlying model on the server. Whenever you move a figure in the editor this change needs to be persisted in real time.

This was discussed before and someone was able to achieve this using Web Sockets (I'll try to find this discussion) so hopefully this will allow representation of GEF editors outside of desktop media. However, I don't think aim of this initiative is to disconnect GEF from Eclipse.


On May 24, 2012 5:15 AM, "Arieh Bibliowicz" <vainolo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The GEF framework is closely coupled with the eclipse infrastructure. The dependencies are many and very intricate. Could this state be improved in GEF4? This is not easy to do but with good care in can be achieved. Furthermore, this could also improve the use of GEF in many other fields. For example, why not implement a GEF editor that can be embedded as an applet in a web page?
Any ideas/comments?

Arieh Bibliowicz
Ph.D. Candidate
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

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