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Re: [gef-dev] Interest in GEF-Web?

This is very exciting news! I was at RAP meeting at last EclipseCon and a lot people (including me) were interested in using RAP for GEF/GMF applications. What is behind these prototypes (sorry I am on mobile - can't check source) , is it CSS/HTML/JQuery, Flash or HTML 5?


On Feb 29, 2012 10:26 PM, "Vineet Sinha" <vineet@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey Guys,
Some of you might know of the work that we have done in bringing different prototypes of GEF working in a web browser. Since then we have settled on an architecture and have a working implementation. We are curious to see how much interested there is from the community for it.

We have built the project and have deployed it on 3 GEF apps built by us. Our intention has always been of contributing the gef-web framework to the GEF project. However, before that happens we intend to do some performance improvements, and are hoping that we can work on a couple of projects - to make sure that we have deployed the code in multiple situations. 

My hope is that we will have this in place for GEF4.

You can see the engine in action here: http://www.codemaps.org/e/Eclipse_GEF (select a diagram, and press 'explore').

Looking forward to your thoughts.

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