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[gef-dev] Git Commit Logs

Hi all,

I just wanted to start reworking the Contributor Guide to reflect our changed project infrastructure. 

As it provides guidance on how to format commit logs, I think we should first agree on how we want to do this for GEF (and GEF4) in the future. I think the old cvs-inspired format of kind

 [213359] gef-head crevells 071221 Make GEF's snapping and tools extensible to allow moving shapes with arrow keys

seems to be a bit cumbersome, now that we have Git in place. I would like to propose something like the following:

[<bug-id>] (<contributor>)? <commit-message>.

where <bug-id> is the id of the bug the commit is related to, or NONE in case the commit is not directly related to any bug. <contributor> is the full name of the contributor in case the contribution is not done by the committer itself. In case the committer also is the contributor it may be left out. The commit message should not equal the title of the related bug (one can read it there) but should instead describe the performed changes. Two  examples:

[355997] (Matthias Wienand) Added support for calculating bezier curve intersections by means of bezier clipping algorithm. (CQ 5976)
[NONE] Updated target definition to Eclipse SDK 4.2.0.I20120222-0915.

What do you think?
Dr. Alexander Nyßen

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