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Re: [gef-dev] Getting to know the gef framework

Hallo Arieh,

thanks for your offer. Well, in principal, Bugzilla would be a good starting point. There are quite a few open bugs that could well be supported by patches. Even without working on patches directly could even support us by "triaging" some of the bugs that are listed as open but have not been commented recently (I did some triaging already, but I did not manage to look into all of them yet). Going through some of the bugs and verifying and commenting on whether they still hold would help a lot. 

If you want to support us with working on patches, please consider the following two points:

a) GEF 3.x is strictly bound to retain API compatibility, so any bugs that are fixed have be fixed without breaking the current API (i.e. you will have to work with API tooling to ensure your fixes do not break the current API). As this reduces some flexibility, we have initiated a GEF4 provisional component (see http://wiki.eclipse.org/GEF/GEF4) recently, which is located in its own git repository, where API may be evolved more flexibly. Up to now however, we have only started to work on the development of a new Geometry API there; after the Juno release it is planned to migrate the remaining 3.8 code base into the GEF4 repository as well as a starting point for evolving the new API in parallel to the 3.x one. As such, if you take a look at  bugs now, you may - concerning GEF 3.x - only investigate those that can be solved without breaking the current API. After Juno, you could support the work on the GEF4 provisional component as well, where these restrictions do not hold.

b) we are currently modernizing the GEF 3.x infrastructure. That is, the GEF build system has already been moved to Tycho, the GEF cvs repository has been migrated to Git TODAY. However, the old cvs repository has not been archived yet, and the contribution guide and all documentation about how to contribute to GEF will have to be updated. I will post a message here as soon as this is done (you may also CC to https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=351232, where the progress is tracked). But if you want to start in advance, make sure to go against the Git repository (http://git.eclipse.org/c/gef/org.eclipse.gef.git/).


Am 16.02.2012 um 15:46 schrieb vainolo:

Hi to all the GEF developers. I am using GEF to create a graphical editor for a graphical language I'm developing for my PhD and I wanted to get to know more of the insides of GEF. 
I have already learned the basics (and written a tutorial which you can find at http://vainolo.com/tutorials).
I can provide some of my spare time to develop features/solve bugs. Can someone give me a pointer where to start?

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