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Re: [gef-dev] GEF in Juno


GMF-Runtime and other projects (including all graphical designers) in the release train rely on GEF. So if GEF is not part of the release-train and Juno update-site, it means that end-user won't be able to install any of these projects directly. The end-user will have to first find the update-site for GEF, install GEF, and then he'll be able to install other stuff from release train. That's a very bad user experience that will discourage people to use lots of other projects in the train.
IMHO, GEF needs to be in the train. Or you should publicly announce that it won't be quickly, so that client projects will need to do the necessary to ship with an older release of GEF.

The Juno release train does not seem to include much extra-work once for project that were part of Indigo. So flipping the bit is not a big risk. I think any committer has the permission to do so in the portal.

So, please make GEF part of Juno!


On 14/12/2011 05:30, Ian Bull wrote:
According to Wayne's most recent email, GEF is not currently tagged to be part of the Juno release.

Anthony, do you intend to 'flip the bit'? It needs to be done by 5:00pm tomorrow.  If not, what do others think?  Is this something we want to do?  What does this mean for all the consumers of GEF?


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