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Re: [gef-dev] +1 for Zoltan Ujhelyi on tools.gef by Alexander Nyssen

Hi Alexander!

> And while from Fabians nomination I infer that this election is meant to
> affect the Zest \"subcomponent\" alone, this \"modularization\" of our
> project (into Draw2d/GEF and Zest subcomponents) in the end is a mere
> convention (in fact we are just one project), so additional votes will be
> needed for you to make it happen.

Yes, the nominations were for Zest only, and restrictions on commit rights within the GEF project are a social convention. Since Zest has its own Git repository, for Zest this would in practice mean write access to that repository.

However, from my understanding the concept of components (GEF, Draw2d, Zest) is offical, while the level below that would be the inofficial 'subcomponent' level (e.g. Zest proper, dot4zest, Cloudio).

And from the Tools project charter it is my understanding that 3 votes do suffice - if anything, I think requiring less would make more sense, since two votes would already be all of the current committers on the Zest component :-)