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[gef-dev] EDiagram EditPart models and views

Hi Pratik

I've been trying to get the new EDiagramOutlinePage selections to work.

In principle this seems to just require passing the SelectionSychronizer
to the EDiagramOutlinePage constructor so that the TreeViewer can be
registered when it is constructed.

TreeEditParts have the Ecore element as their model, so the part.getModel()
in SelectionSychronizer.convert() correctly unwraps the TreeEditPart to the
EObject, BUT AbstractEditPartViewer maintains mapIDToEditPart as a 'view' to
EditPart map rather than a 'model' to EditPart, so the selection is not found.

Surely the Ecore element is the model? AbstractEditPartViewer is failing to
distinguish the neutral external shared model perspective from the local
graphical details. 


        Ed Willink